Whenever we think of starting a business, a lot of thoughts enter our mind, like how much would the rent be? Will I be able to make a profit after renting a commercial space? Will it be worth giving it a chance? And sometimes we just don’t start because it seems too difficult to find a location for an office, make advance payments, and launch a business.

But times have changed now. With a lot better internet connectivity and immense technical improvements, establishing a business and managing it from the comfort of your home or any other remote location is possible. Now, a lot of entrepreneurs are doing it successfully. In this article, we will talk about the best businesses to start from home in India.

Why should we start a business from home?

A home business is a very good start, especially for students, housewives, or someone who is new to business and wants a cost-effective business without paying the office rent. A home business is more suited for entrepreneurs who are starting an online business or who do not require any place to manage their inventory; everything that their business needs can be operated at their homes.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of running a home business?


Cost Effective:  As we stated above, a home business is the most cost-effective business that one can start. You do not have to travel; you don’t have to pay the office rent or electricity charges. Nothing could be better if your business could be managed from home, and you should stop thinking about it and start working on your business plan.

Flexibility:  If you are working from home and your work allows flexibility, it’s the best combination. You can work at your leisure and set your own working hours while keeping your other commitments in mind.

Your family can be your team. Your family members can also join your business part-time or full-time and help you grow it.


It Gets Monotonous:  Sometimes it gets monotonous working in the same space every day, especially if you are in a creative field like a content writer, copywriter, designer, etc. One feels like going out, spending time, and feeling a change in order to get more creative thoughts.

Transform your home into an office:  You have to find a peaceful place at home where you can work and grow your business. Also, if your business requires some inventory, you need to find space to accommodate that too.

Manage both home and work:  If your business requires that you work during particular hours or have meetings at specific times, sometimes it gets difficult to manage both household chores and business, and it becomes irritating.

Home doesn’t feel like the office:  If you are living alone, then there is no issue, but if you are living with your family and have kids around, it gets difficult to focus on the work and be productive. It may also happen that you have to work on weekends, but it’s a holiday for others, so you don’t get the right environment to work.

Businesses to start from home

Let us discuss in details what are some of businesses to start from home and earn a good profit. For the below business you don’t need to invest any money, anyone can start these business without any money.

Creating content online

Social media and the 24-hour news cycle have unleashed a torrent of opportunities for creative professionals such as writers and graphic designers, who can use their skills to create high-quality, shareable content material for organizations and media outlets.

Thanks to a developing gig financial system of freelancers and settlement workers, it`s simpler than ever to market yourself as an expert provider.

Providing virtual assistant services

Along the same lines, people with desirable organizational capabilities are in excessive demand for different marketers who’re developing their organizations and need attention on excessive go-back tasks.

Many secretarial or front-table functions can be performed remotely by a personal or digital assistant. These people regularly earn a living from home for lots of distinctive customers, retaining the music of calendars, making flight preparations, and doing clerical work.

Task services

Between worrying for his or her children and coping with their professional responsibilities, the average working dad and mom have little or no time to attend to private errands like grocery shopping, making returns at the mall, or mailing packages.

You can be the one who can cope with those time-consuming errands for your customers so that they can focus on other crucial matters in their lives. You can set the charges per individual task, which may be hourly or depend on distance travelled.

Social Media Management Services

Nowadays, a lot of companies or small businesses outsource their social media platforms to be managed by someone else so that they can focus on their core business and have online visibility as well. If you are good with social media posts and are creative enough, you must start this business.

Youtube Channel

A lot of people are earning decent money by creating their own YouTube channel. You can create a YouTube channel based on your area of expertise, such as a vlog, a teaching channel, a cooking channel, a gaming channel, and so on.

Just think of something you think you’re really good at and that you can regularly upload videos to your channel.

Selling products on Amazon or eBay

This can also be done from the comfort of your home, and a lot of people are doing this business these days. First of all, decide which products you want to sell, then find a wholesaler of that product so that you can get it at the right cost and then sell the same product online, adding your margin.

This business has become very competitive these days, but if you have a unique product to sell, you can earn a really good amount of money in this kind of business.

Teaching Online

You can teach online through your YouTube channel and also by organizing classes with the help of software like Zoom. First, you have to decide what you can teach; it could be anything like giving music classes, teaching some foreign language, or doing yoga and meditation.

Basically, it depends on your expertise. As you have to teach online, it’s a cost-effective earning method because you don’t have to rent any commercial space. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection. A lot of people are in the teaching business these days.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing that involves promoting other companies’ products and earning a commission when someone buys the product. You must have a website or blog through which you can promote the product.

However, to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to get quite a few visitors to your website and get them to purchase products from your affiliate partners. Some of the companies that offer affiliate products are Clickbank, Amazon, Flipkart, Digistore, and Semrush.

Video Editing Services

With the rise in the number of users on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people are putting more and more high-quality videos online. Most people do not know how to professionally edit a video, add subtitles, add music, etc.

You can offer these services and earn a decent amount of money. You can try to reach your customer by sending them cold emails, messaging them on social media platforms, and also by using different websites like Upwork and Fiverr, where you can create your profile and register yourself as a freelance video editor.


It is a kind of business where one does not need to keep inventory of the products that he or she sells online. Once the order is revived, the dropshipper forwards the order to the seller or wholesaler, who further fulfills the customer’s order. In this way, the dropshipper earns the commission.

Let me explain it to you in a simple manner. Let there be a dropshipper D and a customer C. D has an Instagram page where he lists certain products and takes orders. Customer C likes the product, makes the payment, and orders the product.

 Dropshipper D then forwards the order to seller S, who manages the actual stock of product and fulfills the order. In this case, Dropshipper D simply lists the product on his social media platform, adds a little commission over the actual cost of the product, and earns money.

Graphic Design Service

Nowadays every business has a website and its own social media presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Engagement increases if one uploads creative posts on these social media platforms, and here comes the need for graphic designers.

If you are well versed in software like Corel Draw, Photoshop, and Canva and can create engaging posts, then there is a lot of demand in the market. You can offer your services as a freelancer, and for this, you just need skills, an internet connection, and a laptop.

We can say that days are gone when starting a business was very hectic and one has to think many times before starting a business. We hope the information we have provided you, inspires you to start a business of your own. We would suggest you to start the business from home first and eventually expand it with time as it grows.


What are cheapest businesses to start from home In India?

All the above business ideas are irrespective of the geographic location and can be started from anywhere like India, UK, U.S, Australia etc.

What are some of the small business Ideas to start from home?

All the business Ideas like Affiliate marketing, content writing, graphic design and video editing services that we shared above can be started from home with no money invested or with very little money.

What if the business did not succeed?

If you follow the steps that we have shared, you would definitely succeed, you just have to work  with dedication for4 -5 hours a day and must have patience as things take time to grow.

Even after that if you are not happy with results you can quit and start something else and also you won’t be at any loss as you started the business from home and didn’t invest any money.

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