People think of Google as a search engine, and every day, millions of people use it to search for various queries, but few realize that Google can also be used to make money; yes, you read that correctly.

Google offers many opportunities through its different platforms, using which one can earn a decent amount of money depending on one’s interest and qualifications. A lot of people who do not have full-time employment, like students and housewives, can benefit from this.

 In the below article, we have mentioned some of the ways you can use to earn money from Google without investment.

How to earn money from Google at home?

Earn money online With Content writing

If you are good at writing content, you can create a blog of your own. With a basic knowledge of SEO, you can easily monetize your blog. However, this only works if you have quality content. SEO can help you drive traffic to your blog without spending any money.

Once you start getting the right traffic, you can start earning through affiliate marketing, ad serving, and more. If you have a service to offer, this can be a great way to reach your target group. This online job is a nice way for students or housewives to earn money in their spare time, as there is no need for any investment.

The procedure for obtaining Ad Sense approval for your blog or website is outlined below:

Create a few articles for your blog, such as 15-20 articles. You can choose any article niche that interests you, be it anything like finance, movies, gaming, etc.

Apply for Ad Sense approval. Here is the detailed process to apply for Ad Sense.

Once you get Ad Sense approval, you will earn every time someone clicks on the ads show on your website.

Earn money online with Google Play Store

Google Play is the most popular Android app platform today. If you’re an Android user, you’ve probably downloaded a lot of apps from the Play Store. However, you probably know that there are easy ways to make money through the Google Play store.

If you have skills in app development, this is a great choice. The most direct way to make money with your apps is to sell them on the Play Store. If this doesn’t work, you can always monetize your app through advertising, affiliate marketing, or in-app purchases.

Apart from this, there are several apps available on the Google Play Store using which you can earn a decent amount of money. You won’t be earning a lot, but it’s a good way to earn a few quick bucks. Here’s a list of apps that can help you make money.

Earn from Google Opinion Rewards

Have you ever wondered if you can earn money by clicking on ads? Yes, you can. It’s as simple as it sounds. This app was created by Google as an incentive for users to leave reviews on various products and surveys.

You may not make much money with this app, but it’s a great way to generate extra income using your free time. Needless to say, the more surveys you take, and the more money you make. The amount per survey varies from Rs 5 to Rs 20, and there is no limit to the number of surveys you can receive per day.

This is a good side hustle for students, as this online job needs no investment and one can earn money from the comfort of their home.

How to join this Google Opinion Rewards program-me?

It’s very simple: download the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Play Store and install it. Start taking surveys and earn money. We know it isn’t much money, but who has it? Do you want to make a few dollars with little effort?

Earn money online with Google Pay

You may already be using the Google Pay app to pay your bills and transfer money. This UPI-based bill payment application is user-friendly and is gaining popularity across the country. You may not be able to earn a regular income with Google Pay, but you can still earn money by using the invitations and earning options provided by the app.

This is nothing more than a referral system in which users receive 51 rupees each time they install an application via a referral link. You can also earn a scratch card by making in-app transactions. When you use these cards and coupons, your winnings will be transferred directly to the bank account linked to the app.

Make money with YouTube

YouTube is one of the products of Google, and many people are making millions using it. You can also make money using YouTube, but for that, you need patience, hard work, and consistency.

First of all, you have to decide the topic on which you will be making videos. Make sure you only choose topics in which you have a keen interest; otherwise, you will lose interest after making five or ten videos and will eventually give up with your YouTube channel.

You can’t monetize your channel from the beginning; for that, you must have 4000 subscribers and 1000 hours of watch time on your videos. Only then can you apply for monetization on your YouTube channel. YouTube will then analyze your channel and approve it based on their findings, which can take up to a month.

Apart from Google Ad Sense, there are other ways in which you can earn money from YouTube, like getting sponsored ads, selling your merchandise, etc.

Earn money from ADMOB

It is similar to Google Ad Sense and is used for Android applications; this is a way for app developers to earn money.

If you have an app of your own, upload it to the Google Play Store and select the “monetize” option.

Similar to Google Ad Sense, Ad Mob will place ads on your application at the start, the end, or even a banner ad even during the usage of the application. You can generate revenue from your app in this manner; the more users there are, the higher the revenue

Earning money through an advertising campaign

Selling Finished Goods: This method of earning involves a bit of investment. If you have a business of yours where you sell some finished products, say on a website, you can run Google ad campaigns to promote your products and drive traffic towards your website or Instagram page.

Affiliate Marketing: You can run Google ads to drive traffic towards your blog or landing page and promote your affiliated products. If someone buys the product through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission. Here you can get details regarding affiliate marketing.


In the above article, we have provided 9 different ways to earn money from Google at home. All the jobs mentioned above can be done from the comfort of your home and do not require any investment to be made. We hope that we have inspired you to earn some money from Google; believe us, if you pick any of the methods mentioned and work hard with consistency, you will definitely succeed and can even earn in the millions like some of the most famous you tubers and bloggers.


How to Make Money Online for Free Using Google?

Except for running ad campaigns for your products, every method discussed above can be used to earn money from Google for free or without investment.

How can students earn money online from Google?

Most of the methods mentioned in the preceding article are beneficial to students because they do not require any financial investment and all online jobs can be completed while sitting at home.

How to make money with Google Ad Sense without a website?

If you do not have a website and want to earn through Google Ad Sense, this can be done by creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos regularly to that channel. When you have 1000 subscribers and a watch time of 4000 hours, you can apply for Ad Sense approval on your channel. Once the channel is approved, you will get revenue from Ad Sense.

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