Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and there are a lot of people who are making a huge amount of money from it. These include social media influencers and celebrities who get paid to promote products on their stories or post a photo or a video of the product on their Instagram feed.

These people get paid because they have millions of followers, and the promoted product gets noticed by their followers. But the main question here is: can someone make money on Instagram without having followers? Yes, of course; below is the detailed answer to your question.

How to make money on Instagram without followers?

If you created a new Instagram account with the intention of doing a specific business and have done paid promotion of your product, you may get likes, comments, or inquiries, but there are high chances that people will not buy your product as you have no followers and will consider it a fake account. To earn your customer’s trust, what you can do is ask your family members and friends to follow your account so that some trust is built.

Now that you have a few followers on Instagram, what you can do is be more regular on the platform by uploading engaging photos and videos. This will bring more engagement to your Instagram account, and now you can slowly start promoting your products. With the use of the right hashtags and paid promotions, eventually you will see your queries converting into sales.

How to Make Money on Instagram if you’re Not a Celebrity or Influencer?

Influencers and celebrities simply earn by promoting a product on their Instagram account; generally, these products are from brands, and they charge a huge amount of money in return for the promotion.

But can someone like you or me, who doesn’t have many followers, make money from Instagram? The answer is yes, and below are different ways of making money from Instagram:

Sell your skills on Instagram

If you are good at something and want to pursue it professionally, Instagram could be of great help. Suppose you are a graphic designer or a website developer. What you require is to create an impressive professional account on Instagram and upload the best pieces of your work to your profile. Once you have a decent profile, you can start approaching people by simply messaging them, by sending cold emails, and by posting ads on Instagram. This way, you can make money by freelancing using Instagram.

Sell your art on Instagram

Nowadays, there are a lot of artists who promote and sell their art through Instagram, and it has been very beneficial for them. Earlier, if you had to sell your art online, a website was a must, and not every artist could afford to maintain a website. But with the rise of Instagram, one does not need a website and can put all of his or her work online. Artists like      painters, photographers, and designers are earning a good amount of money using Instagram. What they simply have to do is click high-quality photos of their art and upload them to their profile, then receive the inquiries      via WhatsApp or the messaging feature of Instagram.

Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people also do affiliate marketing on Instagram. Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing that involves promoting other companies’ products and earning a commission when someone buys the product. You must have a website or blog through which you can promote the product. However, to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to get quite a few visitors to your website and get them to purchase products from your affiliate partners. Some of the companies that offer affiliate products are      Clickbank, Amazon, Flipkart, Digistore, and Semrush.

Reselling on Instagram

This is the easiest and most common business done via the Instagram platform. Choose a business niche like jewelry, clothing, shoes, etc. Find its wholesaler, buy products in bulk from that wholesaler, and sell individual products on Instagram as a retailer, adding your commission on each product.

Sell Digital Products on Instagram

Apart from physical products, one can also sell digital products with the help of Instagram. Digital products like ebooks, Canva templates, and WordPress themes are commonly sold on Instagram these days.

Selling courses on Instagram

 If you have really good expertise on a particular skill and that skill is in demand, then the best way to earn from that is to launch a customized course of that skill. A lot of people these days are selling online courses for the skills that they have mastered over the years, like video editing courses, digital marketing courses, business automation courses,  import-export courses, and many others.

This can be done in two ways: one is that you record the whole course and make it available in the market for the customers to buy, and the second is that you teach the course through live classes over a period of time, like a four- or six-week course.

Generally, people are more interested in the live classes’ sessions.

Instagram has been proven to be one of the best platforms for promoting such courses.

Health and nutrition

Health and nutrition is also an interesting category through which you can make money on Instagram. We were all stuck at home during 2020 when COVID started; all gyms and health centers were shut, but during that time a lot of gym trainers and yoga trainers were successfully providing their services to their clients via online meeting platforms.

Since then, people are accustomed to taking physical exercise and yoga classes online. If you are a dietician or nutrition expert, you can promote your services via the Instagram platform by creating a business account. A lot of companies that have grown into renowned health brands today were started by individuals through their Instagram pages.

To sum up, making money through Instagram is possible even with few or no followers, but In order to actually grow on Instagram, you have to increase your followers. The more people who follow you, the more money you have in your bank account.

Gaining followers on Instagram is not as difficult as it seems; the key is to be regular in uploading engaging content and to have patience.

Continue to post high-quality creative content to your profile, and don’t be afraid to experiment. In addition, one must analyze the data and attempt to upload similar types of content that have been well received by his or her audience.

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