Terms of Service

  1. By paying your invoice you accept the following terms:
  2. OneBaboon will create a website or complete the project as described on the estimate OneBaboon provided to you.
  3. Within approximately 10 days of submission of your specifications, OneBaboon will provide a mockup of your design. You may request two rounds of major changes to the mockup. Changes must be submitted in a single email. Changes beyond the second round of revisions can be subject to an additional fee.
  4. If you don’t respond to the mockup within 7 days of the date OneBaboon provides the mockup, then you forfeit your right to request changes and the mockup becomes your final design.
  5. OneBaboon will provide a final design approximately 10 days after receiving requested revisions to the mockup.
  6. OneBaboon retains the right to exercise artistic discretion. Due to the nature of digital delivery, OneBaboon cannot issue a refund on the basis of client dissatisfaction after the delivery of a final design.
  7. OneBaboon retains all copyright in the design created under this agreement. You may use your logo or other design created under this agreement for your personal or commercial use. Permissible online commercial use includes business promotion, including but not limited to use on business websites, social media use or use on business cards, flyers, and brochures.
  8. You may not grant third parties the right to use your design for purposes other than promoting you or your business (for example, an online publication may include your logo in a story about your business, but you may not give the design to another business owner to use in promoting. 
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